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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunny Thursday

Nice to have a warmer day.
Having some medical issues again. While having my insides checked with an ultra sound, I asked the technician if it was a boy or a girl.
However finished and delivered the painting, "The Bay Leaf Tree and Flowering Herbs" for the Womens Resource Center's Herb festival, coming up in April. Come to the event in Burlington and take a chance on the painting.

Yesterday was Chapel Hill and visit with friend Jane Hammel McCartney. We met in 1957 when we were both long distance operators for AT&T in Manhattan. Jane is now living in Raleigh.

I also set up arrangements for my upcoming exhibit at the Womens' Hospital at UNC. Currently working on three paintings with a femine theme.
Will be spending Friday morning with adorable 2 year old Abigail in Greensboro.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Finally got back to Blog! I joined Facebook this past week. Only because I wanted to view some photos of nephew's little baby. Every one seems to be connected .

I have completed two "Provence" paintings, and worked on women's themed paintings for a May exhibit in Chapel Hill.

Although feeling under the weather this past weekend, managed to hold watercolor class, on Tuesday, where we painted a still life of flowers and a straw hat. I painted my image on canvas and was satisfied with results.

Today did research for a painting of herbs to be donated to the Alamance Women's Resource Center's annual herb sale. I came up with about 8 herbs, seven having flowers blooms. The above image of my painting of a "calendula" plant was used as a raffle prize last year.