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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello again

Here it is the end of April. In the last month I have been recovering from some surgery, which resulted in a 4 day hospital stay. A few weeks later I attended a wonderful artists' retreat on Emerald Isle NC given by the inspirational artist, Jane Filer. I painted with over 30 artists and it was truly a joyous experience.
I am now ready to hang my paintings "Celebrating Women" at the Womens Health Information Center at UNC Women's Hospital in Chapel Hill. The exhibit will hang for the month of May.
My exhibit will depict childhood days, the clothing and costume women take on and times spent in every day activities like dance and music.
I have worked up several new paintings for the exhibit.
"The Tie Shop" was the result of visiting a tie shop in Palermo, Sicily, this past October, where my traveling companion was in search of silk bow ties. Another painting depicting women stomping grapes in a huge vat was inspired by a small black and white photo I viewed on my trip to Sicily.
My daughter Liz and I have traveled to Britain and on one occasion she purchased a pair of green "wellies". I've illustrated her wearing them in my garden.
"The Princess Party" is taken from images of a grandaughter's birthday party.
I've painted "en plein air" at the "Sunshine Lavender Farm" in Orange County., here in North Carolina.Two of my new paintings show female figures submerged in lavender.
For those unable to viw this exhibit in person, I am posting some of the images .