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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weather has been a cool but rainy summer this 2013. School will be beginning and I  have  made up my lesson plans for the next 15 weeks of my watercolor class. Will be concentrating on architecture.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

I can't believe summer is going so quickly. Did some landscaping in front of our house with a new helper, Jose. He has been great and  every thing is looking as it should.
 Inside,  hung most  paintings that had been dropped everywhere in my lower level gallery.
Cucumbers from our little garden have produced some nice kosher pickles 
"Computer "had a long visit with its "Fixer" my son Chris. It seems a little happier but we forgot to have the problem Corel program addressed. 
Added a little more color to "Crab Legs" and logged  it into my list of  paintings, number 1,432.
Watched a new "Montalbano"  DVD last night. Great.story, beautiful images and love  hearing the Sicilian language. by its characters
Tomorrow "Art of the Brick." Lego exhibit by Nathan Sawaya. I will be a docent for the exhibit at the Alamance County Arts Council. during August , September and October.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Just visited some of my friends blogs. Wonderful happenings. I am just working on "down sizing." Not a happy time. Two large pieces of  furniture were taken away and today worked on too many clothes. I must admit the clothes and drawers look nicer.
Biggest job ahead  sorting my art work.. A colossal job. I've painted  an average of 50  paintings a year for the last 30  some years. "tomorrow is another day."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter has arrived in NC

I dreaded the thought of experiencing themperatures below the freezing point, however when I headed out to my first watercolor class of the new semester it was just 32 degrees. It was fun teaching the class again.Looking forward to seeing some great paintings.
Yesterday I completed a  redo of a painting I did about 20 years ago. I added acrylic paint to the collage of watercolors and am pleased with the ourcome. I thought it was approriate that I finished it on election day."Americana." I will be showing it a new exhibit at the Paramount theater in Burlington

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year

My gosh it is 14 days into 2013!  Although there were lots of joys over the holidays there was much stress as well. So many friends and loved ones were ill with flu etc. Although I did do a small amount of entertaining ,  I have been trying to get things done with a small kidney stone in the last 40 years I've  experience  at  least 7 stones of various sizes.
I am taking each day a a time as the saying goes. There is  my nativity scene still on my mantel and husband  has needed some nursing of flu symptoms.I have two more art show commitments so I have taken some time to spend at the easel again. I  love painting  figures and am excited to get into a painting of Hispanic dancers with their twirling dresses. I am using a group of images I took two years ago at our church festival.
Also reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird." Every two years  our county suggests a "read" for all its residents and then has related activities planned associated with the book. .  I am just finishing a painting inspired  by the book for an art competition .
It seems everyone is watching " Downton Abbey." Love PBS. My spot on the Antique Road Show is not on the schedule for January. Keep watching for the Myrtle Beach show.