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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope we don't see any more snow here in Carolina. Here is the image I sent out on my Christmas cards. It depicts Saint Mathews in Walsal England. I visited there in the early 90's, with my daughter Elizabeth, to do research of the Gwinnett's family history.

Not liking the cold weather, especially when having this horrible cold. Today I have been working on my computer, cleaning out the mail box, moving picture files around etc.

This week, I rejoined the Watercolor Society of North Carolina. I was a member in the 80's. Some how I got too busy to participate. The format has changed some in the organization, as there are now some local events in different regions of the state. More about this later.

Putting some time into my Italian language books again. I hope I soon will be well enough to attend the little Italian get-togethers at Elon U.

Full class signed up for my watercolor class this week at the Community class. I always enjoy meeting new students. "Painting Texture " will be the emphasis in this session. .