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Saturday, August 07, 2010


Not the happiest of weeks for me. There must have been ten deaths of friends and acquaintances I've heard about in the last two weeks. This week read of the passing of a former art student of mine. This lovely lady was such a joy to have in my oil painting class.

On Thursday I was on my way to another man's funeral mass, when I tumbled off the steps of my back door. My foot immediately swelled from the ankle down. Been hobbling around with a walker and keeping the foot raised. Sorting through my folders of paintings on the computer and playing Farmville.

My Dad's birthday was last week. It is 10 years since he is gone and he would be 93 years old.
ABOVE is an image of the watercolor painting I did of his violin.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Upcoming art show

" Hat Boxes at the Window"
Another cloudy day, but not complaining if the weather stays cooler. Receiving titles from my art students for our "Window Views" exhibit. About thirty paintings will be on display through the months of September and October at the "Two For Tea" restaurant in Burlington NC. It will be the first time some of these emerging artists will be exhibiting their art work.